Bio Fue Hair Transplant

Bio Fue Hair Transplant In Sri Ganganagar

The general principle of the procedure is based on the fact that the hair that originates in the permanent area or Safe donor area’ are not affected by the DHT.

What is Bio-FUE Hair Transplant ?

Bio FUE is one of the most significant procedures of hair transplant treated at Prakash Nursing Home in Sri Ganganagar, Rajasthan. The treatment is long, but gives required results. This treatment of hair transplantation considers the fact that each and every person has a different pattern of hair loss as well as different extents of hair loss. In this treatment of Bio- FUE hair transplant, the grafts or hair follicles are firstly extracted from the scalp using some special and unique process keeping in consideration the above factors. All the steps involved in the complete process of Bio- FUE hair transplant are discussed in detail below.

Local Anesthesia in Bio- FUE hair transplant:

To overcome the pain and misery caused during the hair transplant treatment, the chemicals known as the local anesthesia are used by the professionals. These are given before the start of the treatment. It can be given in the manner such as applying it directly on the skin or injecting it inside the body.

Pain free anesthesia at Prakash Nursing Home:

The complete process during the treatment ensures that the patient does not suffer any pain or suffer pain at its minimal. This is also ensured while giving the anesthesia too.

  • The anesthesia is applied in the form of gel or cream to the scalp before 30- 40 minutes of the starting of treatment.
  • The needles and other equipments used in the process are so used that they cause minimum pain.

Special Treatments

OPD means an Out Patient Department of a hospital. It is the section of the hospital where patients are provided medical consultations and other allied services.

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Extraction in Bio- FUE hair transplant:


Extraction means the process of removing the follicular units from the scalp line. Routinely, the grafts are extracted using sharp punches. Extraction is performed in such a way that it ensures the prevention of the quality and quantity of the previously present hair. The quality of the present hair remains the same and do not deteriorate.

surgeons extract strictly from safe donor with our special FLAT punches. Safe donor area or permanent zone is a horse shoe shaped area on the backside of the head which is not affected by DHT hormone.


FLAT punch is a special punch developed by our doctors which has a flat surface and minimizes wastage during extraction. The extraction process starts with selection of the flat punch which is generally 1mm less than the average length of the grafts.


Extraction is done in a zig-zag manner ensuring that no two consecutive grafts are extracted. This way the graft next to the extracted graft covers the spot after hair growth. By doing so:

  • The donor area does not thin out & almost remains the same as before the surgery.
  • This highly precise procedure ensures that you get the best quality grafts for implantation & the wastage limited to 2-3% only in most of the surgeries.


Implantation is the step of putting the extracted follicular units back into the recipient area. The process of Implantation differs at Prakash Nursing Home in some way from the other clinics. The process used here isn’t the traditional one, but it is somewhat technically advanced leading you to better results of the treatment. We implant the follicles directly after the extraction process is done keeping the follicles for lesser time in contact with the air. The principle that is followed in this process at our clinic is that the follicles are kept hydrated always. This is ensured with the help of saline water.


Smooth Implantation

we implant them immediately after extraction, thereby decreasing the outside body time of grafts as mentioned above, We follow the FIRST OUT, FIRST IN principle i.e. we implant those grafts first which were taken out earlier thereby for this decreasing the outside body time of grafts. One person keeps on pouring saline at the time of implantation thereby preventing dehydration of grafts.

And the implantation is done by Double forceps technique in which we hold the grafts from the top of the hair shaft and not hair root.

Bio therapy is the unique procedure of doing PRP (Platelet Rich Therapy) at Prakash Nursing Home. The therapy is based on the concept that human germinative cells have got the ability to stimulate various important structures in embryonic life.

At Prakash Nursing Home, we do everything “In House”. We draw around 40 cc of blood. We then process it in a specialized refrigerated centrifuge. The plasma is activated to release growth factors. This Platelet Rich Plasma is then injected into the superficial part of the scalp. The growth factors stimulate the stem cells and help to prolong the growth phase of the existing hair on the scalp.

Steps of Bio Therapy:

  • Step-1: Blood is taken from the body and is taken in the centrifuge tubes.
  • Step-2: Blood components are then separated by spinning the blood sample in the centrifuge tubes.
  • Step-3: The plasma rich of platelets content is then injected in the scalp line.
  • Step-4:This plasma that is platelet rich will act as serum and will promote hair growth in the region.

By doing so: There are innumerable benefits of Bio-FUE and just some of the most important ones are mentioned here:

  • Texture of transplanted hair is improved
  • Hair growth is boosted
  • The healing process is expedited, in both the donor and recipient areas
  • Most importantly, transplant results become better

Advantages of Bio-FUE over routine FUE+PRP

  • The treatment isn’t a major one but still, come care and precautionary measures need to be taken.
  • After the treatment has been done successfully, there may be some oozing or pain over the donor area which may be relived using sterile gauze.
  • The process is quite simple as compared to other processes. Only thing is that the staples or the sutures used need to be removed post- operatively after 7-9 days of the surgery.
  • There might be a dissolvable suture underneath the skin that will self-dissolve between 3-4 months post operatively. This can feel lumpy but will return to normal in no time.
  • The results are similar to any other surgery. As a coin has two sides, in the same way, the surgery also has some minor disadvantages like leaving behind a faint scar at the donor site which is only visible when the complete head is shaven.

Advantage of FUT

  • Large number of grafts can be obtained in one session.
  • High yield of hair and less time consuming process.
  • Affordable with natural results.


  • As everything comes with some advantages as well as disadvantages or complications, the FUT hair transplant technique also has its own minor complications that can’t be neglected at all. They are not different from the other hair transplant methods but the same as others. However, the results totally depend on the way it is performed. The experience and skills of the doctor matters a lot in this surgery. For example, the sutures can catch up some kind of infection or pus, etc. Further, some hairs may shed off around the sutured area. Also, the recovery time is somewhat longer than the other methods such as FUE, etc.

    If the linear scar is of concern, it is important to remember that restoring scars after an FUT procedure may not be easy and can and should be handled only by a surgeon with immense experience. The methods by which improvement can be obtained is by implanting new hair follicles using the FUE method, or by using the W-plasty technique wherein the wound is excised and stitched and finally, there is the option of micropigmentation.

Why to get it done at Prakash Nursing Home?

TIt is sufficient that we are experts in this field and are continuously improving. But there are more reasons for it. These are some of them:

  • The whole team of  Prakash Nursing Home have years of experience in the field of hair transplant which ensures minimal chances of anything going wrong.
  • The supporting staff is caring and Dr. Pankaj Aggarwal is himself a specialist in this field.
  • The environment of our clinic is completely patient friendly and hygienic.
  • We have all the modern and latest advanced technologies and machines that make the surgery very easy and efficient.

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