Body Hair Transplant

Body Hair Transplant in Sri Ganganagar

As the bald area and the demand for the hair transplant has increased in spite of the less donor area, the new concept of Body hair transplant has come into the picture. This concept of BHT that is Body Hair Transplant proves to be of great support as it allows the extraction of grafts from various parts of the body such as the legs, arms, chest, etc and also, to implant them as and where required. BHT is the process that can be practically said exclusively for men. The body hair differs from the scalp hair in several characteristics such as the growth rate, texture, etc that might affect the transplant results. But still, the body hair acquires the characteristics of the scalp hair to much extent for example, growth rate, etc. As it is a completely newly developed concept, the long term results of the BHT cannot be determined.


  • Lesser possible extraction at donor area.
  • Donor area exhaustion due to the past treatments.
  • Unsuitable donor region in scalp.
  • Suitable for eyebrow and similar transplants.
  • Unhealthy donor area due to any scar, etc.
  • Suitable for transplant in smaller beard area.

How does it actually work?

To overcome the pain and misery caused during the hair transplant treatment, the chemicals known as the local anesthesia are used by the professionals. These are given before the start of the treatment. It can be given in the manner such as applying it directly on the skin or injecting it inside the body.

Why BHT- Body Hair Transplant is different?

The basic idea behind the BHT is same as the conventional process. The hair are extracted from one place and implanted at the other. Just, the difference comes from where the extraction occurs. Unlike the traditional process, in BHT, hairs are extracted from any part of the body other than the scalp line. If the area is not suitable at the scalp, then this process is generally used. Then we do the evolution of possibility of hair transplant from body. If the physiological requirements are met, follicular units can be extracted directly from different area of the body – chest, abdomen, arms or legs – and transplanted to the scalp. The grafts taken in BHT are known to have different growth cycle but a concrete study is yet to prove. Also these are different from scalp grafts as these contain only 1 hair compared to 1 to 4 hairs in scalp grafts.

Special Treatments

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Steps in Surgery


The local anesthesia is used to ensure that the patient don’t suffer any pain and ensure comfort. It helps provide efficient surgery with required results.


The time required for the extraction in this treatment is generally more than that for the conventional one. This is because of the acute angle and variable direction of the follicular units. These reasons make this process more time- consuming and complex.


The hairs that are extracted from the body area are then implanted wherever required and these hair develop according to its environment.

Methods of BHT


    Manual FUE is performed by using sharp punches of 0.7mm to 0.9mm.


    The Power FUE is performed by using the machines that has precise control over the speed, oscillation rate, pressure, etc that gives you a perfect transplant.

After Procedure Care

  • Donor area:  The antibiotic covering shall be given for a period of 1 week and dressing is done with antibiotic cream. No bandaging is required and donor area heals within 7 days.

    Recipient area: Same as after- operative care in FUE. Oral and topical medications for maintaining the transplanted and pre-existing hair shall be administered.

Advantages of BHT

  • Patients with poor donor area can have benefits from the BHT.
  • Hairs have good hair growth when they are implanted in the scalp area.
  • The requirement for more amount of hair can be fulfilled from this treatment.
  • DHT is the main component for hair loss and the body hair are resistant to it. So, this can really prove to be of great use for the transplant in the scalp region.

Complications in BHT

There occur some side- effects in BHT that include:

  • Keloid formation can occur if overharvesting is done from sternal area.
  • Hypopigmentation of the donor area can occur if done in dark skin individuals.
  • Asymmetric appearance of hair on body parts post surgery.


Following the surgery the transplanted hair tends to shed between 3-4 weeks. The re- growth of the transplanted hair is seen from 3rd month onwards. The complete results may take a longer duration in comparison to scalp hair transplant ranging between 12-18months.


Above mentioned is one of the various techniques to get your hair back. If you want your hair to be transplanted in Sri Ganganagar itself, then Prakash Nursing Home is the best place for you. Dr. Pankaj Aggarwal is an experienced and skilled doctor who is an expert in his field and takes utmost care of his patients. He has a team of all professional and experienced doctors along with all the modern and latest technological machines that makes your treatment very quick, simple and easy. For more details, please refer to

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