Hair Transplant in Woman

Hair loss is no short of trauma for both men and women. It may be a problem for men but when it comes to women, they consider hair to be a part of their identity. It is not just a mere hair problem for them but can be a severe life changing problem. Women consider hair transplant to be a technique that can be implemented only to men but that is not the case. It is also possible for women to get their hair transplanted. Let us have a complete overview.


It is worth knowing that the process of growing your hair artificially that is, transplanting your hair or the process of hair transplant is not only limited to men, but also can be performed by women and other gender too. It is a completely gender independent process that can prove to be life changing for anyone. Depending on the factors such as the type of hair loss and other, the type and method of transplant may vary accordingly. A woman can have a successful hair transplant in the following cases:

  • No results after many medications.
  • Scarring alopecia that has been stable for a minimum of twelve months.
  • Alopecia that is a result of a trauma, burn or surgery.
  • Traction alopecia.
  • Restoration of eyebrows and eyelashes.


The female hair transplant goes in the same manner as it goes in the male hair transplant – the follicles that are taken from the donor area are then implanted in the recipient area where there is a need for hair transplant. But, before we go for the treatment, there needs to be proper consult from an experienced doctor. Also, it depends on the extent of baldness and other factors including:

  • Quality and expanse of donor area.
  • Density and thickness of hair in the recipient area, etc

Based on the above factors and others, our team of professional and experienced doctors will guide you for the appropriate method of hair transplant.


Extraction of grafts from the donor area

Our doctors make constant efforts to minimize the donor area and the damage at the donor site. There are two most important things that are to be kept in mind while the extraction process of grafts, quality and quantity of hair in the area.

Transplanting the grafts in the recipient area

The grafts that have been taken from the donor site are placed at the recipient site where there are proper holes made first. The manner in which the grafts are placed shows the experience and perfection of the performing doctor. The direction- how the grafts are placed and the angle in which they are placed matters a lot in the process as it ultimately will be resulting in the overall natural look after the transplant.


We are all different and naturally, the manner and habits also differ from male to female. Everything is different. We grow hair differently and lose them differently too. At early stages of hair loss, men start developing baldness on their heads while in case of women, their hair starts to become thinner and thinner. This is why, their methods of hair transplant will also differ and some of the major differences are:

  • If the hair quantity and quality is not fit in the scalp or the donor area then, it is possible to extract them from other parts of the body in case of male hair transplant while it isn’t the case with female hair transplant.
  • There is a receding hairline in case of men, which is often associated with hair loss and once the same has been restored, there is an obvious change. However, in women, the frontal hairline is almost always preserved.
  • There is a permanent zone in the scalp of men where a continuous hair growth is observed. This can prove to be the best donor site in case of the male hair transplant which is not the case with the female hair transplant.
  • The biggest difference between transplant in male and female hair transplant is that most women are not willing to shave their head, which makes the entire transplant procedure a little tougher, lengthier and more complex.


The advantages of getting a female hair transplant done are quite obvious:

  • You would get the natural and healthy looking hair.
  • After the transplant, you would be able to grow the hair naturally to a particular length and also, style it as and when required.
  • Getting your hair back, will most certainly bring back your confidence too.
  • If the hair transplant is done in a proper manner, then there remains no worry about the actions including strongly dancing, swimming, etc.


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