Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal technique is one of the most advanced procedures for removal of unwanted hair. It’s faster, more comfortable, simple, permanent unwanted hair reduction solution and one of the safest hair reduction options too. It cannot be called as ‘Permanent hair removal’ because although it reduces the hair to the extent that they are almost invisible but, they still exist. Besides that, it is the most effective technique and gives great results. It is probably the best alternative to plucking, shaving, waxing, electrolysis or other depilatories.

How does it really work?

This laser treatment for hair removal works on the principle of selective Photothermolysis (SPTL). The process comprises of using a specific match of wavelength & pulse duration to get the optimal effect on the targeted hair follicles. The process heats the targeted tissue and destroys it with a laser without damaging the surrounding tissue.




Be The melanin absorbs the light and heats upfore



Special Treatments

OPD means an Out Patient Department of a hospital. It is the section of the hospital where patients are provided medical consultations and other allied services.

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It's a type of surgery that moves hair you already have to fill an area with thin or no hair. Doctors have been doing these transplants in the U.S. since the 1950s, but techniques have changed a lot in recent years.

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Laser Hair Removal is the process of removing hairs by beaming the highly concentrated light into the hair follicles which destroys the hairs. Lasers are useful for removing unwanted hair from the face, leg, underarm and other areas.Now Laser Treatment in Ganganagar is Possible.

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Hair loss often is a result of different causes like heredity, anaemia, nutritional deficiencies, stress and medical problems like thyroid disorder, diabetes mellitus and polycystic ovarian syndrome (in females).

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Acne scars are permanent textural changes and indentations that occur on the skin as a result of severe acne. The term “scarring” is not used for the temporary red and brown marks left early after acne has occurred as these marks will almost always improve without treatment.

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Skin lesion removal includes mole removal, skin tag removal, milia removal, cyst removal and wart removal – for practical or cosmetic reasons you may not be covered by the NHS. Methods and prices vary depending on the size, placement and depth of the lesion.

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Tattoos are fashion signs of younger generation. Also as a part of tradition, people in country side invariably have their names or images on their forearms, chest or shoulders and even a permanent dot as a Tikka in their fore head.

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Skin pigmentation marks are a build up of melanocytes (cells containing melanin) under the skin typically referred to as freckles and age spots on the hands, face and body areas. Different types of laser can be used depending on the type of pigmentation.

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This technique is known as skin polishing procedure or microdermabrasion – if the word would be broken up, it would consist of three parts – micro, derma and abrasion. Derma refers to the skin and abrasion is a method by which the dead skin cells of the skin are rubbed away.

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The most dreaded biological change for most people is ageing. Ageing is inevitable, but it can be delayed and managed using highly efficient Anti Ageing Treatment solutions from a trusted source. Apart from the natural pace of aging, there are several extrinsic and intrinsic factors that contribute in accelerating the process altogether. 

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What Areas Can Be Treated With Laser Hair Reduction?

Laser can permanently reduce hair from all areas of the body except the inside of the nose and the ear. Some of the more popular areas are


Areas to be treated with Laser Hair Removal:

This Laser hair reduction treatment can be applied to all the genders. Lasers can permanently reduce hair from all the areas of the body except the nose and ear. The most popular laser hair removal treatments include face laser hair removal, bikini line laser hair removal and leg laser hair removal. Let us see these in some detail:


Upper lip : It is a great displeasure for any women to have hair on her upper lip. If present naturally, then every lady tries to remove them artificially using various methods like waxing, plucking and tweezing which helps to remove hair but you need to do these on regular basis in salons and are very painful. To get rid of this, laser hair removal technique has become more popular these days for the removal of hair from the Upper lip.


Chin : Many women have undesirable hair around the chin area too. Laser hair removal of chin will hardly takes 15 minutes and is a straightforward procedure. This process provides you with a smooth and silky skin at your chin using the latest laser technology.
Cheeks & Side locks :All of us wish for a clear and smooth skin. The methods such as bleaching, shaving and waxing are used regularly to achieve this. But, frequent use of these techniques can irritate the skin. Facial hair removal using laser technology is a quick process that can be used instead. A sequence of facial hair removal treatments can be life changing and fill you with a lot of confidence. You may require some touch up treatments if you want to keep the hair at bay.


Ear : Are you irritated with the tufts of hairs poking out of your ears. Don’t worry at all. Laser ear hair removal is the recent technique which can help you to get rid of these unwanted hairs from the ears. This technique uses the pulse light that works to impair the hair follicle. This treatment can require multiple sessions and can be costly but, can give the best results at the same time.


Neck : Neck is quite the common part to have laser hair removal treatment for both men and women. Neck laser hair removal is most suitable for people having light skin with dark hair on it. Every type of laser and IPL can be used for this laser hair removal technique.


Upper Torso : It is no furtive that you are much confident having unsightly hair on your arms, under arms, legs, back etc. Having hair on your upper body can bound you to select the clothes and can make you uncomfortable in your daily life. Do not let your hairs to be the reason for wearing the full sleeve shirt unwillingly. Repeated shaving can make the skin prone to ingrown hair, cysts or dark skin with marks. Go for laser hair removal treatment. You can go for full body laser hair removal. Firstly, the hairs are smashed using laser, hairs will shed out completely and pores in the skin will close slowly, making your skin smooth and silky.


Lower Extremity : Laser hair removal treatment works well in the areas having dark, thick and coarse hair. Legs are often the best hair removal part for both men and women through laser treatment. As the skin is quite thick on the legs, hence you will experience almost minimal or no pain. Apart from this, there are few experiences in life which are bumpier or awkward than getting a bikini wax. Shaving always lead to ingrown hair and uneven hair growth. Laser hair removal therapy can help you to attain a smooth, attractive and clear skin.

What to avoid before staring your laser hair removal treatment?

Hair Removal Cream

Hair Removal Cream


Hair Bleach


Hair Wax




Excessive Sun Exposure


Tanning Bed


Mystic Tan


Tanning Cream

Laser Hair Removal Cost in Sri Ganganagar

The cost of laser hair removal treatment in India depends on certain factors which can be defined as:

Area to be treated
It is the most important factor to determine the cost of the treatment. The more sensitive the area, the more costly will be the treatment. Larger areas are costly as compared to smaller ones, as it also takes a long time.

Sessions require
The procedure requires a number of sittings or sessions which are considered on various other issues. Consult with your doctor and analyze the whole process criteria for your treatment. Higher numbers of sessions will increase the overall cost of treatment.

Hair Type
Your hair type plays an important role in the laser hair removal treatment. The factors such as, how dense and thick your hairs are, how lengthy your hairs are, etc will determine the overall cost for the treatment.

Skin color
Skin color is another important factor that is to be considered for the laser hair removal. Lighter skin is considered easy for laser hair removal than darker skin. It is little difficult to focus particularly on mere hair in the dark skin, thus needs more precision and takes more time. This will also increase the cost of the treatment.

Standard of the clinic
The overall total cost of the treatment also depends on the standard, quality and location of the clinic from where you are getting your laser hair removal treatment done. Well hygienic, fully equipped with modern devices and services will result in the increment of the cost of your treatment but will help you in some or the other way. Your comfort will be the primary aim at such places.

Types of laser system
The type of laser system to be used also influences the cost of the treatment. Recent or advanced laser machines will give better results and efficient. The latest fast technology will definitely give you better results, making the treatment costly.

The average cost of this laser hair removal treatment ranges between Rs. 3000-12,500 per session depending on which area of the body is to be treated. You might need more sittings for the proper hair removal (as consulted by the doctor). Laser hair treatment can be done on actively growing hair. You need minimum of 6-8 sessions to completely get rid of the unwanted hair.

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