Laser Tattoo Removal

In the simplest of terms, laser tattoo removal is the process of removing a tattoo using laser. Before you actually rush to get that tattoo removed, you do need to understand the ins and outs of permanent tattoo removal, because neither is the process easy and nor is it completely quick, because chances are that you might need multiple sessions to get the tattoo completely removed or unnoticeable.

The basic idea behind the process is that laser is applied to the tattoos and the high intensity light of the laser breaks down the pigments of the colours that have been used for the tattoo. However, for certain colours, specialised laser is required, making the entire process a little more expensive or might not give great results.

Reasons to remove a tattoo

The reasons for removing tattoos are varied. According to a study, one-fifth of the people getting tattoos are unhappy and among those only 6 percent, people opt for tattoo removal. There are mainly 5 reasons why people want to get rid of their tattoos.

To get rid of bad memories – Sometimes the tattoos are etched in someone’s honor. Therefore, people rush towards Laser Tattoo removal Clinic to get their tattoos removed after a bad experience. Many teenagers love to get etched and then they get irritated with it as they grow up. Hence, they think it as a bad memory and want to get rid of that to leave all things behind.

For the job – It is the most commonly heard reason. Some employers prefer to have employees without any tattoos. So to get the men/women both have to remove their tattoos.

Allergy – In some cases, people might get irritated or allergic to the tattoo. Hence, they might be compelled to remove it.

Got bored of the tattoo – When your first had your tattoo you were very excited after some time people might get bored of that tattoo. On the contrast in some cases, the designs of the tattoo or the outcome are nothing as imagined or as desired so they think of removing the tattoo.

Reproach – If friends or family members or colleagues reproach people, they wish to get rid of that tattoo immediately. It might create a negative impression in the minds of the near ones. People have a constant fear of getting negative remarks.

There are other silly reasons too for deciding to remove the tattoos. Such as tattoo is hidden by clothing, hair, etc. On the other hand, they might think the outcome is not that great, hence remove the tattoo.


Modern technology can remove the birthmarks in a harmless way. The laser treatment is very sophisticated and the procedure involves a customized wavelength which is applied to the skin. It works by breaking down the coloration in order to fade away the mark and combines with the skin around that area without scarring.

Permanent tattoos are removed in a jiffy with the help of laser treatments. With the advancement of technology, the Laser treatments suit each skin type, complexion and kind of tattoo and places where the tattoos are inked. People often wonder about the tattoo removal costs and cost of other similar treatments. However, the reality is that such treatments are not at all expensive. They are quite affordable. Other treatments are Birthmark removal, Removal of a birthmark on the face, age spot removal, age spot treatment, etc. All of these vary in their costs but none of them is heavy on the pocket. Moreover, the experts at the clinic do the treatment with utmost safety. There is no risk of infection or any other threats.

There are mainly two types of Laser treatments –

Ablative – In this type a wavelength is released into the layers of skin.

Non-ablative – In this type, the collagen growth is enhanced and the skin is strengthened and made tight. This method is also used to reduce some signs of aging.

Some persons keep the tattoo for a longer time than others do. However, you cannot remove the tattoo immediately after applying. You will have to wait for almost 8 weeks approximately to get tattoo removal done.

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