Non-Invasive Hair Transplant


The major advantage of non surgical hair replacement is that it is non-invasive. The hair transplant methods bring along the surgical complications including risk of infections, scarring, and anaesthetic dangers which is not in the case of hair systems. Being a non-operative method, the hair replacement system saves you from the pain and other such risks.

Zero side effects

If a list of non surgical hair replacement side effects is made, it would turn out to be almost empty. Since it’s a non surgical procedure, it is not prone to any side effects. Apart from the very rare allergic reaction resulting from the use of low quality adhesive, there is a zero risk of any other medical problem. Having close to zero side effects is a major pro of non surgical hair replacement.

Instant results

Another major advantage of non surgical hair replacement system is that it bears instant results. Unlike surgical hair transplants or medications, you don't need to wait for up to 6 to 7 months to get visible results unlike hair transplant surgery. The application process is quick and simple and yields fast results without waiting. Major reason why hair system win the ‘non surgical hair replacement pros and cons’ battle.

How Long Does Non-Surgical Hair Replacement System Last?

Non-surgical hair camouflage systems are made from a special derma base which acts and feels just like a second skin. It is infused with best quality human hair sourced from around the world The base is light and permeable thus allowing your scalp to breathe. It’s just like a second skin and seamlessly appears like one too. The hair infused into the system gives the effect of it growing right out of your scalp, just like your own natural hair would. The combined effect results into a product that not only looks natural but is comfortable and mostly undetectable to the world.

Our Derma Hold technique of affixing the systems does not restrict your lifestyle.

Our team of experts and stylists would also give you maintenance tips to minimise any possible risk of non-surgical hair replacement side-effects and provide aftercare guidance. Thus, the complete procedure of non-surgical hair replacement enables you to make the most of this new look when it comes to styling. We would also you specially formulated for hair systems that would enhance your experience, in terms of comfort and styling. Thus, you have great looking hair that you would love to flaunt and live your life with no limits.

How we work ?

So how do you get the best non-surgical hair replacement therapy or a natural product that is both scientific and specific to your requirement? Overall, which product should you use which provides the non-surgical hair replacement therapy based on the analysis of your scalp and meets your specific requirements, so that you don’t have to suffer from non-surgical hair replacement side-effects anyhow?

Our team of experts would perform the analysis, take hair samples, and understand the specifications and scalp condition. This forms the basis for determining the right customized non-surgical hair replacement system for you. This data is then sent to our International Design Centre. The International Design Centre then puts together this data to prepare a prototype. Best materials for the base and the hair are sourced from around the world after which your-prakash nursing home non-surgical system is designed.

Quality checks ensure that you get the best in class product, which would define your final look. Once dispatched back to us, our specialists would perform the final fitting, blending the system and hair length with yours, giving you the ultimate look you desire.

Special Treatments

OPD means an Out Patient Department of a hospital. It is the section of the hospital where patients are provided medical consultations and other allied services.

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Hair loss often is a result of different causes like heredity, anaemia, nutritional deficiencies, stress and medical problems like thyroid disorder, diabetes mellitus and polycystic ovarian syndrome (in females).

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Acne scars are permanent textural changes and indentations that occur on the skin as a result of severe acne. The term “scarring” is not used for the temporary red and brown marks left early after acne has occurred as these marks will almost always improve without treatment.

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Skin lesion removal includes mole removal, skin tag removal, milia removal, cyst removal and wart removal – for practical or cosmetic reasons you may not be covered by the NHS. Methods and prices vary depending on the size, placement and depth of the lesion.

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The most dreaded biological change for most people is ageing. Ageing is inevitable, but it can be delayed and managed using highly efficient Anti Ageing Treatment solutions from a trusted source. Apart from the natural pace of aging, there are several extrinsic and intrinsic factors that contribute in accelerating the process altogether. 

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