Under Eye Dark Circle Treatment

Under Eye Dark Circle

Are your under-eyes darker than the rest of your face? This skin condition is commonly encountered by millions of people. The wrinkled appearance around the eyes are not just unpleasant to look at but are also demeaning to our personality. Hence, it definitely acts as an obstacle when it comes to looking young and rested.

Dark circles can happen due to weight loss, aging, collagen degeneration, loss of fat pads under the eyes, and natural bone structure.

On the other hand, under-eye puffiness can be due to water retention, increase in size of fat pad, aging, sleep deprivation, infection, excess salt intake, hypothyroidism, and increase in alcohol intake. Even this can be surgically corrected.

Do you still believe that your eyes are haunted by dark circles?

Don’t worry. We have a solution to this problem! The dark circles treatment at Berkowits is hassle-free and will help you get your desired look with no side-effects.

What causes Dark Circles?

Dark under-eye circles are formed in the capillaries – the blood vessels that form a web around the delicate skin around the eyes. Dark under-eye circles can be caused due to genetic and environmental factors and very often, due to pigmentation. Some of the major contributors towards the formation of dark circles are

Formed in capillaries, the blood vessels of the delicate skin around the eyes, the dark under-eye circles are caused due to environmental and genetic factors. They can also very often occur due to pigmentation. Some other major causes are:

Inadequate sleep, Stress, Smoking, Heredity, Sun exposure, Too much rubbing of eyes, Nasal congestion, Infection or Allergies, Sitting in front of the computer for long hours


Inadequate Sleep








Sun Exposure


Too Much Rubbing of Eyes


Nasal Congestion

Preventive Measures

Though dark circle removal is haste-free, it is best prevented. The following measures can be taken to ensure that:

  • Intake of adequate amount of vegetables and fruits for balanced nutrition
  • Keeping yourself hydrated throughout the day
  • Limiting the intake of caffeine, alcohol and junk food
  • Sleep for six to eight hours everyday
  • Do not sit in front of the laptop for long hours
  • Do not use makeup beyond the expiry date
  • Do not rub your eyes excessively while removing your eye makeup

Under Eye Dark Circles Treatments

The dark circle removal procedure at our hair and skin clinic, Prakash Nursing Home, goes a long way to ensure quick and flawless results.

Remove dark circles under eyes with the help of our most commonly adopted treatment of chemical peels. This procedure can be performed using various kinds of acids such as, trichloroacetic acid, lactic and arginine among others. In order to get significant results, you must undergo a minimum of eight to ten sittings.

Laser treatment for dark circles is also popular for its quick results. This method involves the use of a laser beam that is absorbed by the skin. You must wear protective eye shields to ensure safety during the procedure.

Mesotherapy is another such technique which helps in lightening the under eye dark circles. A mesopen with undereye lightening agents is used to give the best results.

However, we at Prakash Nursing Home, are proud of the PRP–PlateletRich Plasma—therapy, which is considered the best amongst all for its flawless results. In order to carry out this treatment, we take your blood sample, separate out the plasma and inject them under your eyes. This will give your skin an instant glow!

Special Treatments

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