Chemical Peels


Glowing and smooth skin is always considered as an important part of good personality but sometimes people do not have this beauty naturally. Such people need not to worry as advancement in technology has provided many methods through which one can fulfill his/her desire of smooth and glowing skin and chemical peeling is one of them. Skin’s top layer is removed through a specific chemical solution during this process. After removal of this dead skin surface, the layer which comes out is generally less wrinkled, healthier and smoother in comparison to top layer. One point which must be noticed is that this complete process must be executed by any professional of concerned field such as beauty therapists, nurses and aesthetic doctors.

Selection of appropriate peel off

Three categories of chemical peeling can be found on the basis of acid’s solution strength and skin goes through capacity. These types are deep, medium and superficial peels. Great recovery time is required by one if deep peel is adopted as it goes through deeply through the skin. On the other hand superficial peel is considered as a good choice for a majority as it can be implemented on maximum skin types and provides a very smooth effect without any pain relief requirement. One must be aware with the fact that deep and medium category chemical peels are not used on darker skin.

When chemical peels is not suitable?

  • If one wants to reduce skin pores’ size, or wants to treat deep wrinkles and line.
  • Sagged skin because of age or sun damage cannot be cured properly through superficial peel off.
  • Women who are pregnant or feeding their kids are not suggested to have chemical peels.
  • If one is having open wounds, skin reactions or inflamed rashes then this should not be used.
  • If your skin is sensitive or suffering from any skin disease on that particular area then this treatment cannot be allowed.
  • If one is having any history regarding severe allergy then it cannot be followed.